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4 playing sins

4 playing sins

Players have 4 bad habits, and each habit separately from others can guarantee a loss even before his or her beginning to play.

1) An attempt to win back. The following proverb can explain everything “The father didn’t beat his son because the latter had played, but he beat his son because the latter had tried to win his money back”. Players who want to return their money are the best friends of casinos. Remember that you play not only for entertainment, but also for the purpose of winning money. Before beginning to play establish the limit of losses that you can afford and also the expected size of winnings and try to adhere to these limits. If you are not lucky today, switch your computer off and try to play, for example, tomorrow.

2) Intuitive bets. The second name of intuitive bets is the bankruptcy. Intuitive players ignore the theory of probabilities and make bets instinctively. In such games as Blackjack where optimal strategy exists, it is necessary to follow it. Each time when you deviate from the strategy, because you feel which card should come next, you increase the casino’s winnings.

3) Revengeful bets. If you begin to make bets rashly that exceed your bankroll after the succession of losses (i.e. if you try to use Martingale) to teach the casino, your revengefulness only makes worse the whole situation. Remember: the only lesson that the casino knows very well  that it always has winnings. That’s why just relax and stop worrying.

4) The loss of concentration. It is often heard that a player doesn’t remember how he or she has managed to lose all money for one evening. The games excite so much that it is not difficult to lose mind and begin to take wrong decisions. The loss of concentration is likely to be the main threat for a player. Be attentive, entertain yourself, but if you feel that you lose your mind, quit playing at once.