7 Commandments

7 Commandments

1.    Be a realist. Casinos always have house edges and that’s why you should be ready to lose. If you naively think that casinos were made for people, you will be rather shocked, having lost all your money. It is better to have unexpected winning, than a sudden loss.

2.    Don’t rely upon the opinion. Always make a mathematically better decision. On the side of players there is clairvoyance, parapsychology, astral and energetic forces. But the casino has the mathematical advantage. And who wins as a result? Making mathematically proper decisions, if you don’t win, try to make your game much longer.

3.    You should expect that in the process of the game you will both win and lose. Keep in mind that even professional players sometimes have losing streaks. That’s why keep your fresh head by winnings and losses.

4.    Know that the more complicated the game is, the less house edge is. Is it difficult for you to understand Craps? Do you know that some bets don’t give any advantages to casinos? And such games as Blackjack can be rather advantageous for a player, if playing wisely.

5.    Try to manage your money. Don’t make bets of large sums of money. Don’t borrow money and quit the game if you win the expected sum of money. And, of course, use all free services, offered by casinos.

6.    Don’t insure your bets. Don’t make additional bets against events that can give you some winnings. If you are afraid of losing, don’t play at all.

7.    Don’t trust any systems that were developed for winnings at games of Luck. There are a lot of quacks who offer promising systems for Roulette, Craps and lottery. Most systems are based on little winnings, and after them a big winning should come. It is impossible to beat the Casino in games of chance.