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Disadvantages of Casino Tourism

Disadvantages of Casino Tourism

Is it a coincidence that the benefits of casino tourism are more likely to be perceived by the decision makers i.e. those who don’t live and work in the immediate casino vicinity? It does appear to be true when it comes to disreputable forms of entertainment like casinos and brothels. No-one minds them too much as long as they are not in one’s own back yard. Unfortunately, local residents don’t often get the choice.

The perceived associations with casinos are the rise in crimes like drugs, prostitution, robbery and assault. In Mississippi, it was reported by Giacopassi and Stitt that whilst robbery and aggravated assault have increased, other crimes such as rape and murder have decreased.

According to Perdue, Long and Kang, a higher population also leads to increases in the cost of living, traffic congestion, driving hazards and noise levels. Whilst this may be true, the same could be said of many new attractions.

And even if one couldn’t think of any valid objection, there is a pervasive sense that entertainment such as that provided by gambling and casinos, is that these activities are antisocial and anti-family. Gambling can also be addictive so one could argue that every dollar spent on the blackjack table is a dollar that could be better spent feeding one’s children.