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Never follow the strategies below at Blackjack

Never follow the strategies below at Blackjack

It seems to you that you know very well how to play at Blackjack and be successful in it. But the reality indicates at other things. A lot of mathematicians count several variants that are used by Blackjack players. And look at the result:

–    Never to surrender: the player, buying in, thinks that he gets 10 points. As a result by 12 points and higher the players don’t buy in. This strategy increases the house edge till 4%.

–    Repeat the dealer’s actions. The player plays according to rules of the dealer: he or she buys in till 16 points. In such a situation the players loses the possibility to double up and split cards, as a result the house edge increases till 5, 5%.

–    The dealer has a closed 10. The player thinks that the closed card of the dealer is a 10, that’s why he or she buys in till 19. Such a strategy deprives the player of 10% advantages.

Counting cards: Blackjack offers players the unique chance to move up from the house edge to the player’s advantage i.e. to increase the expected value higher, than 100%. Such an opportunity is based on the idea that the pack, full of 10-s and Aces, is profitable for the player (there are more chances of dealer’s getting bust). Thus, if in the beginning of the game a lot of small cards have come out of the pack, then chances of players increase.
Card counters always wait for such a possibility. They count cards that have come out of the game and if they see, that in the pack there are still a lot of pictures, begin to increase bets, trying to make profits from high expected value.

But such a theory can also lead to failure, as at online casino the pack is always mixed after each deal or the endless pack is played.