Progressive slot machines

Progressive slot machines

Adhere to the main rule, while playing progressive slot machines, and the success will be definitely on your side: Always play by the maximum bet i.e. having armed with a maximum number and maximum face value of coins in a progressive slot machine, only then press the button “spin”. Otherwise it will be a great pity for you when you realize that saving on bets hasn’t given you a maximum progressive jackpot at online casino, because you know, this winning is the most attractive target, while playing in progressive slot machines. Is it worth spinning barrels, if you don’t struggle for your goal?

For beginners it is necessary to explain, how it is possible to make a maximum bet in a progressive slot machine. The formula is rather simple:

Maximum bet = maximum number of coins + maximum face value of coins.

The first thing you should do, while playing in progressive slot machines, is that you should activate all lines in a slot machine and insert a maximum number of coins there. In classical slot machines you can find one, three (sometimes five) active lines and the maximum number of coins in a game is up to five coins.

The next your step is to choose the maximum face value of a coin in a slot machine. More often game producers make the fixed face value in their slot machines and in such a situation you will not have a choice. Press the button “max bet” and it is a sure thing. But there are progressive slot machines that offer several coin face values. Among them try to choose the biggest one according to the value. And only then press the button “spin”. Good game!